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my friends who have been reading my blogs, thank you very much.
but it is time for me to say goodbye.
it looks like I'm getting lazy updating and I'm in the mood doing activities in facebook. those stupid quizzes and game stuffs. hahah!

I'm not going to delete this blog. i will keep it for memories. Those happy times with my friends when i was still doing my studies in polytechnic, to the national service and how i don't really enjoyed it until i got my permanent job as an artist.

so thank you again for your support my friends. and have a great life!


21 April 2009

sup tulang

wah lau weh. getting more lazy to blog.
ok i'm 26 today. feels the same when i was 25. only difference, i have someone in my heart that i love and being loved. Syukur alhamdulillah.

so now, lets recap wat happen in singapore!

rojak india, story already basi, just like the food itself. hey u know, i used to eat sup tulang at beach road, yeah that famous sup tulang. that one day, we kena bluff! my dad got hold on this particular tulang, very clean, no daging, no fats, no urat2, really botak! and inside the tulang also kosong! he complained and never eat at that place ever.
sup tulang india. what the hell.

07 April 2009

Allied Forces and Nazi Germans Racists!

the nazi germans were said to be racists cos they wanted to clean off the jews. but do you know, the allied forces also a racist? during the liberation of paris during the WWII, they wanted to an all whites units to liberate Paris but it was not enough, ended up, many spanish were in the all whites units that liberate Paris. the french soldiers consists of black soldiers thats more than 50%, mostly from french colonised countries at west africa. read more!

26 March 2009

Permit for Camping At the Beach

to all the people who loves camping at east coast, take note. you must get a permit before you can go camping at the beaches like east coast. in 15th april, NParks whose responsible for all this, decided that people who wants to camp at the beach, must get a permit at all AXS machines, even on weekends where usually, only weekdays camping need permits. they wanna control this is because of increase of camping people on the beaches. and usually the environment, like the grass, the trees, will be affected if its not controlled.

23 March 2009

Palawan Beach Is Dirty

singapore is going to host the olympic youth games next year. but they are gonna be extra careful about the age of the athletes applicable as youth. in China, tests on nearly 13,000 athletes, 3000 fake their age so that they can still compete in the youth level competition.
alamak, first, cardboard buns, then melamine, now adult athletes in youth competitions?!

i remembered, Palawan Beach at Sentosa used to be very clean, no black spots, no seaweeds, back in 2004. but now, its dirty. my friend told me that after rinsing herself in the sea at Palawan, went back home, she realised her shorts whad black spots.

research shows that at age 27, your brain starts to decline. research tests on brain speed, reasoning and visual puzzle-solving ability and found out that the highst peak for your brain is 22 while by 27 it will marks the start of declining. so you guys, if you're still 22, you better learn as much as you can and as much as you want

17 March 2009

senior sales manager

last week, a nice dressed up man came to my office. he wanted to promote his hotel at the sim lim area there, sorry can't tell you which hotel. he told me if any of our foreign cutomers come to singapore, why not get our customers the hotel that is not just affordable, S$150 and above, but is near to bugis area, so he can enjoy shopping also.
well basically he's a salesman trying to promote his 3.5 star hotel. when he gave his name card, my manager look at his title and was surprise. he's a senior sales manager! now that sounds quite big. but what he's doing going from unit offices to unit offices at our JTC factory promoting his products, is more like a normal young salesman job.
that's how bad the recession is.

11 March 2009

Travel Agencies Need More Malaysia Destinations

whenever my dad came to me while i was surfing the net, he wil ask me to check some of the local malay travel agencies' website to check out any good and cheap destination they're having. basically my dad wanna check out some travelling offers to any parts of peninsular malaysia. cos most of the time we usually check it out in the newspaper berita harian. usual ones like 2days 1night to KL is a norm and since we've been there too many times, we wanna look at something new like terengganu, penang, kedah, perak and of course like redang or tioman. never been to these places before yo.
problem was these malay travel agencies either do not have a website or their website are only open for bigger destinations like thailand, china, dubai, and of course the normal haji and umrah.
its time for these travel agencies to have more destinations to malaysia. near, and i'm sure cheap. cos during the recession times, people wanna relax their mind and go for a holiday. and it'll be great if the malay travel agencies can have more to choose to go to peninsular malaysia.

most to most, 2days 1night at east coast chalet is fine with me lah.

anyway, the news came out that 39 local travel agencies closed down between january and february 2009. they said that local travel agencies should cater for more nearer destinations and thus the cost will be cheaper.
good to hear that none of the 39 local companies are malay travel agencies.
selagi lagu "bulan haji~!!!! sudah tiba lagi!!!" dimainkan di radio warna pada waktu2 maghrib, selagi tulah pelancongan untuk orang melayu takkan jatuh.